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UNESCO Creative Cities Network Forum
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UNESCO Creative Cities Network Forum


On July 16, the Korean National Commission for UNESCO (KNCU) and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism jointly hosted a forum on UNESCO Creative Cities Network Forum under the theme of “Creative cities, their vital role in harnessing creativity for economic and social development.”


At the forum, Professor Andy Pratt from the London School of Economics and Political Science made a keynote speech stating that each city needs to develop its own model, based on their needs and circumstances, as there is no single model that can be applied to every city. In addition, Professor Pratt highlighted that in order to join “UNESCO Creative Cities Network,” it is necessary to pay due attention to making cities work in a creative manner, rather than trying to acquire international recognition.


After Professor Pratt’s presentation, Sali Sasaki, who was in charge of the network business at UNESCO headquarters between 2004 and 2008, gave an overview of the program, application process, evaluation procedures, and future prospects of business through a pre-recorded video presentation.


Additionally, Sabrina Pratt (Executive Director of Arts Commission in Santa Fe, U.S.), Tanja Mühlhans (Chairperson of Creative Industry Operation Committee in Berlin, Germany), and Riuta Tateiwa (Director-General of City Policy Planning Department of Kanazawa, Japan) shared with participants their experiences and practices in developing creative cities.


At the second session, representatives of Icheon and Seoul, candidates for UNESCO Creative City status, explained each city’s strategy and their preparation status for joining UNESCO Creative Cities.

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